The Prince and the Dragon

Posted on August 1, 2012


This post and a few to follow are going to speak to the issue of addiction.  For the clients that I work with in my practice, much more common than alcohol or drug addiction is sexual addiction in various forms.  An important part of the road to healing is working through the denial and shame.

Dr. Melinda Reinicke wrote a parable of “The Prince and the Dragon” that provides an allegory of this issue.  This seems a good place to begin the discussion of addiction.  The parable is available in print: or as a youtube video: .  The parable is also included in Dr. Reinicke’s book, Parables for Personal Growth.  Check out the parable.  More on this subject will follow in my next post.

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Scott Wood is a registered marriage and family therapist intern (IMF67385) and is supervised by Dr. Melinda Reinicke, Psychologist (Psy11011).