The Avengers

Posted on August 16, 2012


“That guy is playing Galaga.  He thought we wouldn’t notice, but we did.”  Tony Stark

The title and the quote have little to do with this post.  The former only by analogy, and the latter is just there because I liked the quote.  This post is about addiction.  A man who is working on maintaining sobriety gave me this metaphor.  I liked it, and he told me I could use it, so here it is.

Near the end of the film, The Avengers, there is a point at which all of heroes have come together.  They are poised in a circle with weapons drawn.  The camera comes in and pans around the circle showing each hero on the team ready to do his or her part in the coming battle.  Trying to overcome addiction (sexual, alcohol, or drugs) is difficult for any hero to accomplish alone.  You need to be surrounded by a team wherein each team member does his or her part to help in the battle.

So who’s on the team.  First, is the person trying to break free of the addiction.  Ultimately, you get to be the hero of this story, but you have to face the dragon (pardon the mixed metaphor).  Second, it is important to have a therapist on the team, preferably one who has been trained in treating addiction.  Third, a therapeutic group combines the support of a therapist and the support of other heroes struggling against the same enemy.  This is a place where you can be open about your struggles without feeling judged.   A validated curriculum for the group is also important for the group’s success.  Fourth, a 12 step support group provides further support.  If there is a spouse involved, the spouse can also benefit from his or her own therapist while struggling to cope with the pain and anger.  A couple’ therapist is also important for bringing healing to the relationships.  Add to the team your spouse, family, friends, and church family.   The battle is epic and it requires courage and commitment.  Surrounding yourself with more heroes improves your chance at success and speeds the recovery process.

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Scott Wood is a registered marriage and family therapist intern (IMF67385) and is supervised by Dr. Melinda Reinicke, Psychologist (Psy11011).