War Room

Posted on September 10, 2015


As a public service, let me offer this money saving tip.  Go see “War Room,” a film that is currently in theatrical release.  This is a Christian film about marriage and family (a subject near and dear to my heart).  I will not spoil it for you by giving you much more.  You can find the trailer online if you want more information.

If you take this to heart, it can be transformative to your marriage.  One of my couples saw it last weekend, and we had the best session we have had together.  They are connecting in ways they have not in years.

Here is how you can save money by paying to go out to the movies.  First, it may help you avoid marital therapy altogether.  Second, it may make your marital therapy go much faster.  Third, it might save you from divorce.

Bring the tissues.  Enjoy the film.