Poor Matthew McConaughey

Posted on October 7, 2016


Does anyone besides me think that Lincoln Mercury really needs to fire their ad agency?  My family knows what I am going to say anytime one of those ads comes on, “Poor Matthew McConaughey.”

The poor man, he has all of this career success, a beautiful home, 2 cars (current model year), a beautifully tailored suit, and he has such a lonely existence.  He is always alone in the commercials.  His home is spotless which gives the impression that nobody is really living there.  His greatest joy appears to be driving alone in his car at night.  When he back flops fully clothed into his custom made pool, he is still dreaming of driving his car alone at night.

This is a wretched existence.  It doesn’t make me admire the car.  It makes me pity the man who has everything, but is always alone.  I am reminded of the poem “Richard Cory” by Edwin Arlington Robinson,[1] a tale of the man who had everything but unexpectedly committed suicide.

Here’s the thing.  Human beings are made for relationship.  Isolation is deadly to us.  Babies die without human contact.  Studies have found correlations between the number of illnesses we have and the quality of our marriages (i.e. better marriage, fewer illnesses).  We have less depression married than single.  Our well-being is not tied to the “stuff” we have, but to our relationships.

Could someone check on Matt?  He seems at risk.  Or maybe Lincoln Mercury just needs to fire their ad agency.

[1] I know you baby boomer music fans thought Paul Simon wrote it.