College of Marriage Online

Posted on July 20, 2020


College of Marriage is now available online at

College of Marriage is a 15 week marriage enrichment curriculum written and presented by my colleague, Carolyn Klusmeier and myself.  The lecture portion of the classes is now available on video.  You can also download the Powerpoints and the exercises.  The classes were 90 minutes, but most of the lectures only run about 20 minutes.  You may go through all of them or pick and choose the topics that are of interest to you.

Here’s the list of topics:

Topic                                                                                        Presenter(s)

Session 1:            Marriage 101, An Introduction                                             Scott and Carolyn

Session 2:            How To Love                                                                              Scott

Session 3:           Family of Origin                                                                        Carolyn

Session 4:            Handling Conflict (Part 1 – Self-Regulation)                        Scott

Session 5:            Handling Conflict (Part 2 – Co-Regulation)                          Scott

Session 6:            Handling Conflict (Part 3 – Skills)                                          Scott

Session 7:            Forgiveness – Healing Wounds                                              Carolyn

Session 8:            Sex                                                                                                Scott

Session 9:            Affair-Proofing                                                                           Scott

Session 10:          Protecting Your Marriage from External Pressures           Scott

Session 11:          Proactive Parenting                                                                   Scott

Session 12:          Support System                                                                           Carolyn

Session 13:          Financial Management (A relationship approach)              Scott

Session 14:          Financial Management (Part 2) – not available on video due to copywritten material

Session 15:          The Foretaste of Heaven – Knowing and Being Known.    Scott & Carolyn