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Free Solo

September 19, 2019


This is a tricky post to write and I will have to walk a bit of an ethical tightrope.  On the plane flight over the Atlantic last month, I watched Free Solo.  As it turns out, it wasn’t about Jabba the Hut imprisoning Han Solo in carbonite (and efforts to free him), but was a […]

Whose Relationship Violations are Worse?

July 17, 2019


How do you rate the following violations of love and trust in a relationship?  Number the following from 1-12 with 1 being the most egregious betrayal. ____  One night of sex with a stranger. ____  An emotional affair with a coworker. ____  A secret bank account. ____  Not showing up when your partner has a […]

Following Your Dreams

September 16, 2017


Love is about all the changes you make and not just three small words.  Frank Turner It’s all worth nothing alone.  Graham Parker My wife is a big fan of Hallmark movies.  I can enjoy them well enough with a few provisos.  First, it helps if the acting is at least decent.  I need to […]


June 15, 2017


In a 1970 Monty Python sketch, a book publisher has published a Hungarian-English phrase book for Hungarian tourists visiting Britain.  The publisher has intentionally mistranslated the phrases to wreak havoc.  By way of example, the Hungarian phrase for “Can you direct me to the railway station?” was translated as “Please fondle my buttocks.”  After the […]

La La Land

January 16, 2017


At the end of your life, your relationships are all you’ve got.  Sara Groves It’s all worth nothing alone.  Graham Parker SPOILER ALERT.  If you have not seen La La Land and you do not want to know how it ends, read no further.  I am going to talk about the end of the film. […]

A Tale of Two Bankers

December 5, 2016


Our family has a few Christmas movies that are mainstays of the holiday season for us.  Amongst them are Scrooge (the musical version of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol) and It’s a Wonderful Life.  A few years ago in my other blog (if you actually read that one too) I did three posts on Ebenezer Scrooge, […]

Poor Matthew McConaughey

October 7, 2016


Does anyone besides me think that Lincoln Mercury really needs to fire their ad agency?  My family knows what I am going to say anytime one of those ads comes on, “Poor Matthew McConaughey.” The poor man, he has all of this career success, a beautiful home, 2 cars (current model year), a beautifully tailored […]

Unfinished Business

May 17, 2016


I grew up watching The Twilight Zone.  Though most of the five seasons of the show were made during my lifetime, I mostly caught it in syndication.  In as much as the local independent stations aired multiple episodes daily, I probably managed to see them all multiple times. The second episode ever aired was titled […]

Fear of Commitment’s Greatest Hits

March 7, 2016


James Taylor is going to be playing in San Diego in June.  Tickets went on sale last week.  This prompted me to listen to some of his old records.  One of the running themes in his early work seems to be this idea that he must keep moving and can’t settle down.  It is interesting […]

Fifth Power, Ride the Walrus, Olympic Diving

February 15, 2016


“Adding up the total of a love that’s true, multiply life by the power of two” Emily Saliers “It’s only the giving that makes you what you are.”  Ian Anderson I have been badly neglecting my blog this year.  I usually get posts written in the gaps in my schedule and there just haven’t been […]