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Someone to Help You Paddle

June 12, 2019


Now we’re in the boat in two by two’s, only the heart that we have as a tool we can use.  Emily Saliers, The Wood Song I was in Barnes and Noble over the weekend and happened upon a book, Make Your Bed, Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World by Admiral […]

Admitting Fault: Strength or Weakness

June 5, 2019


I generally am not crazy about publicly sharing stories where I did something foolish, but here goes anyway.  A few months ago, I backed into another car while pulling out of a parking space at my office.  It is an awful feeling when you feel that bump against a vehicle you didn’t know was there.  […]

Imperfect Lovers (revisited)

May 27, 2019


Thirty years ago, I was at the wedding of some friends.  For most of the weddings I have attended, I would not be able to recall what the pastor said.  This one I remember.  He talked about how people are imperfect lovers and that the bride and groom would love each other imperfectly.  It made […]

The Incompetent Boob

May 20, 2019


One of the things I have always appreciated about my own marriage is that my wife never does the incompetent boob thing with me.  Long before I was a therapist, I was often aghast at social gatherings be the way many wives would treat their husbands like they weren’t capable of even tying their shoelaces […]

A Working Theory and Its Implications

May 13, 2019


This theory is a work in process.  I welcome feedback or even just some additional data points. My daughter is getting married in a few weeks.  After she got engaged, she was talking with delight to her mother (i.e. my wife) about how much her fiancé loves her.  My wife shared about how great it […]

Marriage is a Cooperative Game

May 6, 2019


As I mentioned in a previous post, my family enjoys board games.  In recent years, we have found more cooperative games that we enjoy.  In cooperative games, rather than playing against the other players, you all play together against the game.  You either all win together or you all lose together.  It requires that we […]

Castle Panic

April 29, 2019


My family has a great fondness for board games.  In recent years, we have taken to playing more cooperative games.  In these games you either win or lose together rather than have one player win and the others lose.  One of those games is Castle Panic.  The game involves trying to defend your castle together […]