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Living With the Consequences

March 27, 2015


“Being an adult is not about making sensible decisions, it is about living with the consequences.”  Elisabeth Wood “We are trying so hard to live in a consequence free world.”  Curtis Eklund “’Cause growing up is awfuller than all the awful things that ever were, I’ll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up, […]

The Remodel

January 2, 2014


Prologue I wrote this post back in October.  I chickened out on posting it at the time.  It felt a little too vulnerable to be so candid about my own experience.  On top of that it sounded a little too whiny, and like most people, I prefer to be the hero in my own stories.  […]

Another Big Bang Theory

September 26, 2013


Throughout my life I have adhered to a strict policy of only eating Mexican food on a day that ends in “y.”  I worked at Taco Bell through high school and college so I have eaten my share of tacos.  We have a little restaurant in the shopping center near my house that for years […]

Different Rules – Credit vs. Blame

July 5, 2013


Those of you who know me (and those who have read my bio) know that I was a banker for 25 years.  In 2001 and 2002, I was a market sales manager for the North San Diego market of a large bank.  The market consisted of about 40 branches led by a consumer market executive […]

Be the Hero in Your Own Story

June 30, 2013


This is the third post addressing the idea that each of us is somewhere on a continuum between assigning causation for the events in our lives internally (to ourselves) or externally (to others and circumstances).  The essential question here is, “When something happens in your life, do you tend to assign the credit or blame […]