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In Search of Peace

September 20, 2015


This post is primarily directed to my Christian readers.  Readers of other faiths or no faith may not find that it resonates with you as much (though it might), but I welcome your thoughts on it. Why do we worship?  God is certainly deserving of our worship, but why worship?  Worship is pleasing to God, […]

Who Are You? (Part 1?)

August 22, 2014


Who are you?  Pete Townsend Who are you anyway?  Joe Jackson The world will ask you who you are, and if you do not have an answer, the world will tell you. [1] I have accomplished next to nothing today.  It is difficult to write that knowing that I intend to put this out on […]

The Remodel

January 2, 2014


Prologue I wrote this post back in October.  I chickened out on posting it at the time.  It felt a little too vulnerable to be so candid about my own experience.  On top of that it sounded a little too whiny, and like most people, I prefer to be the hero in my own stories.  […]

Extend Yourself Some Grace

June 21, 2013


“You’re only human; you’re allowed to make your share of mistakes.”  Billy Joel “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes, it rains.”  Nook LaLoosh My last post, “Internal Versus External Responsibility,” asserted that we each have a certain bent when assigning the credit for good outcomes or the blame for bad outcomes.  We are […]