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Decision Making Revisited

November 23, 2020


Of course, you don’t agree on everything.  If you did, one of you would be largely unnecessary.  The old cliché that two heads are better than one is certainly true.  At the same time, it is also an irritant.  The research has found (and I am not making it up), that 69% of the things […]

Should Christians Go To Therapy?

July 24, 2020


Pastor Bryan Stamper offered this short video addressing the question of whether Christians should go to therapy.  I thought it was worth sharing (and didn’t require additional comment from me) so here it is. Blessings.

Delighted In

May 25, 2020


“He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”  Zeph. 3:17 The majority of my clients are fellow Christians who sought out a Christian therapist because their faith is an important part of their lives.  Between my role as a therapist […]

A Testimony

August 11, 2019


This is one of those posts that makes me feel a little vulnerable where I am at my most self-disclosing.  I wrote the following for a video testimony at my church.  It had to be shortened substantially to bring the video to the needed length for purposes of the worship service.  Here is the testimony […]

College of Marriage

July 30, 2019


One of the things I always tell clients in our first session is that my view is that my job is to work my way out of a job with my clients.  When you can do for yourselves what I do for you in session, you don’t need me anymore, which is as it should […]


November 9, 2015


“And it’s only the giving that makes you what you are.”  Ian Anderson I was in Bible study on Sunday, and the instructor made a comment that soulmates were not made, but built.  The point being that there isn’t a soulmate that was made just for you, but rather that you become soulmates by working […]