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November 16, 2016


Confabulation, Confabulation, It’s making me late. It’s keeping me waiting. (Okay, that’s not quite what Carly Simon wrote.) About five or six years ago, I quit buying books in print and switched over to an e-reader.  On the whole, I like it a lot better.  I don’t have to deal with the accumulation of books […]

I Didn’t Mean to Send a Gun

June 25, 2015


I came in like a wrecking ball.[1]  Miley Cyrus What we have here is a failure to communicate.  Cool Hand Luke At our practice, our team meets together every other Friday morning.  Our next scheduled meeting is for July 3. The boss decided that it might not be practical for the team to try to […]

Forbidden Island

August 29, 2014


The title sounds more provocative than the post actually is. In the family I grew up in, we enjoyed playing board games.  I continued that tradition in my family. My daughter has a game called Forbidden Island.  The object of the game is to gather four artifacts on an island that is in the process […]

The Pressure Cooker

October 24, 2013


When I was in high school and college, I worked at Taco Bell.  Back when I started working there, we used to cook the refried beans in the store.[1]  The pinto beans came in big 50lb. sacks and we would cook them in these big pressure cookers.  I still remember the recipe, but I may […]