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Dance Practice

December 7, 2020


Last week I attended a Zoom meeting for a friend’s ministry.  For an icebreaker, my friend asked us what was one good thing that happened for us as a result of the pandemic.  This was not intended to minimize the impact of the pandemic, but to notice where we still experience blessings in our lives […]

Handling Conflict (Part 1 – Self Regulation)

October 23, 2019


If you were reading my posts from last summer, you may recall that I am facilitating classes for the College of Marriage at my church.  We are also making videos for the lecture portion of those sessions.  This is the video script for the first of three sessions on Handling Conflict.  When the videos are […]

Level Up

July 8, 2019


Let’s talk briefly about meta-communication and why it is useful.  Meta-communication is a term therapists use to describe what happens when we communicate about the way we communicate. I will give you just a moment for that last sentence to sink in. Meta-communication happens when we talk about how we communicate.  It is one of […]